Best Poker Players of All Time – Who Are the Top Ten?

Poker is a game played across the world and in a wide range of configurations and for different stakes. Throughout the long term, we have seen numerous extraordinary players come and go, and the discussion about the best poker player has forever been dubious. Actually, it’s extremely difficult to pick only one name among the top poker players on the grounds that many folks succeed in one game arrangement, as well as numerous who are handymen however experts of none.

To attempt to settle the discussion, we have made a rundown of the main ten best poker players ever, alongside our purposes behind posting them and the best accomplishments of their individual poker vocations.

Among these main 10 poker players, you will unquestionably see as the flat out best, regardless of whether you like a couple of the names we have picked by and by. Thus, moving right along, we should take a gander at our rundown of the best poker players on the planet who have at any point lived and played the game.

Best Poker Players Ever – Who Are the Main Ten?
#1 – Phil Ivey
Whenever the discussion of the best poker players ever begins, Phil Ivey is the one name that springs up, as nobody would dare leave the incomparable “Tiger Woods of Poker” out of the discussion.

Brought into the world in 1977, Phil Ivey is one of the “privileged few” right now, despite the fact that he was one of the youthful wonders some time ago when he began playing poker. Ivey has won essentially all that there is to be won, including 10 WSOP wristbands, a WPT Headliner, and endless hot shot titles that have brought his competition rewards as far as possible up to $38 million in eleventh spot on the planet in this classification.

Nonetheless, Phil Ivey has not been close to as dynamic in the hot shot circuit as numerous different players, so competition changes out alone certainly don’t do him equity.

“No Home Jerome,” as he was many times brought in his more youthful days, is an expert of enormous money games, blended games, and competition poker the same and one of only a handful of exceptional players who can play all types of poker at an extremely significant level. Ivey has won many millions playing cash games in his poker profession, playing in places like Bobby’s Room and Ivey’s Room (high stakes poker room named after him).

Known as a capable speculator and somebody who knows how to find esteem in each circumstance, Phil Ivey should be at the first spot on our list of the main 10 poker players who have at any point lived.

Best Poker Players Ever – Who Are the Main Ten?
#2 – Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu is perhaps the most renowned poker player today, a close companion of Phil Ivey, and somebody who has come up around a similar time and in a similar climate.

Brought into the world in Canada and of Romanian plummet, Negreanu moved out to Vegas quite early on to seek after his fantasy about playing poker professionally. Negreanu fabricated his vocation playing Cutoff Hold’em cash games up to the most noteworthy stakes conceivable and engaging in blended games some time before NLH and PLO were the predominant games in Wrongdoing City.

With more than $50 million in competition changes out, Negreanu is one more individual from the “privileged few” who has adjusted to the new environment and remained pertinent in the advancing round of poker.

Daniel got the epithet “Youngster Poker” early on, as he was quite possibly of the most youthful player playing the high stakes games. Today, Daniel actually goes by a similar moniker, regardless of now being more experienced and serious, and is as yet perhaps of the most engaging player in the game.

Negreanu regularly visits the WSOP consistently, keeps on posting astounding outcomes, and desires to add significantly more flatware to his amazing 6 WSOP arm bands and 2 WPT titles.

What’s considerably more, Negreanu keeps on seeking after the WSOP Player of the Year title consistently and is probably going to win it something like once again before his vocation is finished, which will handily solidify his spot in the poker history books.

Negreanu has procured a put on our rundown of the best poker players ever with his consistency, capacity, and readiness to adjust to new game organizations and player types, and his capacity to play a wide range of types of poker on the high level.

#3 – Erik Seidel
While discussing players who have endured for the long haul, individuals frequently fail to remember the name of Erik Seidel, yet this is quite possibly of the greatest mix-up they could make. As a matter of fact, notwithstanding staying under the radar throughout the long term, Erik Seidel is effectively one of the most outstanding poker players ever to play the game anyplace on the planet.

Brought into the world in New York in 1959, Seidel began playing backgammon and poker early on and was important for a gathering of New York processors who wound up ruling the universe of poker in the later years.

Seidel has won 9 WSOP arm bands in his distinguished poker vocation, WPT and EPT titles and a lot of other flatware, and more than $42 million in competition prizes. Principally a competition player, Seidel broadly came next to Johnny Chan in the 1988 WSOP Headliner and never thought back.

Something that make Seidel so exceptional is the reality he keeps on contending at the most elevated levels at 63 years old and that his game keeps on doing great against advanced poker players whose play is fueled by virtual experiences and definite examination.

Erik Seidel will perpetually stay one of the game’s greats, and the Corridor of Famer merits a put on our rundown of top poker players ever, regardless of whether you haven’t been following his vocation cautiously over the most recent few years.

#4 – Justin Bonomo
Holding the main spot on the Untouched Cash Rundown for competition poker is no simple accomplishment, and that by itself is sufficient to put Justin Bonomo on our rundown of the best poker players.

A lot more youthful than a considerable lot of his rivals on our rundown, Justin Bonomo just has three WSOP wristbands to his name, however one of them was won in the $1 Million buyin Large One for One Drop occasion in 2018, where he won a cool $10 million.

Justin’s $60 million in competition changes out came in enormous part from ruling the hot shot circuit, where he has scored endless triumphs in occasions like Triton Poker Series, USPO, Really Hot shot Bowl, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Bonomo has been at the actual top of the competition poker world for many years now, and his staggering ability and ability put him in the positions of the main 10 poker players who have at any point lived.

Best Poker Players Ever – Who Are the Main Ten?
#5 – Antonio Esfandiari
More to is being one of the most amazing poker players on the planet than simply scoring enormous in poker competitions, and Antonio “The Entertainer” Esfandiari has shown us that throughout the long term.

Somewhat resigned from poker right now, Esfandiari did his reasonable part of winning on the competition circuit also, scoring more than $27 million in changes out over his vocation. Brought into the world in Teheran in 1978, Esfandiari advanced toward the US with his family very early in life and began a vocation as an entertainer, which started his advantage in games.

Antonio won three WSOP arm bands in his profession, including the 2012 Major One for One Drop for $18.3 million, by a long shot the greatest single competition score of his life. Alongside his competition achievement, Antonio is known as a fruitful money game player who has found real success in confidential money games across America and then some.

Known for his acting skill and boasting, Antonio is one of the most loved players of numerous poker fans, and his regular appearances on broadcast poker shows have made him generally a symbol of the poker world at large.

#6 – Doyle Brunson
Brought into the world in 1933 in Longworth, Texas, Doyle Brunson is one of the most seasoned dynamic poker players on the planet and a genuine legend of the game.

“The Back up parent of Poker,” as he is much of the time called, spent a lifetime playing against the absolute best on the planet and normally dominating the competition.

A legend of both the money game and the competition circuit, Brunson had been succeeding at poker before the majority of us were conceived and was at that point crushing poker games before Las Vegas gambling clubs were even constructed.

He won consecutive WSOP Headliners in 1976 and 1977, alongside one more eight WSOP wristbands across different poker trains, and aggregated more than $6 million in competition rewards.

It is important that, dissimilar to a considerable lot of his more youthful partners, Brunson never contended in the super high buyin competitions of the cutting edge age, which makes the $6 million number substantially more great.

Doyle stays an installation in the most noteworthy stakes blended games in Las Vegas right up to the present day and is a player whose Corridor of Famer status should be overhauled on the off chance that a Poker Lobby of Legends ought to at any point be made.

Best Poker Players Ever – Who Are the Main Ten?
#7 – Stu Ungar
One of the most incredible poker players ever whose vocation and life unfortunately finished a whole lot earlier than anybody expected, Stu Ungar is one more obvious legend of the round of poker.

Brought into the world in New York City in 1953, “The Rebound Youngster” ruled the poker world all through the 80s and 90s with his forceful ongoing interaction style and mind boggling player understanding abilities.

Initially a gin rummy wonder, Ungar began playing poker when nobody would contend with him at rummy and began winning almost immediately. Ungar was a long ways on the ball as far as poker abilities and played a style that different players wouldn’t embrace until some other time.

Stu won the 1980 and 1981 WSOP Headliners, just to return and win it all again in 1997, only one year before he passed on at 45 years old.

Ungar’s life was one of brilliant and appalling highs, and regardless of losing the fight with dependence, he will always be recognized as one of the most amazing poker players who at any point lived.

#8 – Phil Hellmuth
If you somehow managed to request that Phil Hellmuth rate himself contrasted with the other poker greats, he would presumably let you know that he positions one, two, and three, and that is only the sort of character “The Poker Imp” is.

Be that as it may, regardless of his large self image and vast rants, Phil Hellmuth is really one of the top poker players out there when everything is thought of.

Hellmuth has been around since the 1980s, and in that time, he has figured out how to win 16 WSOP arm bands, more than any other person, including the 198






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